Plus, all is revealed on the One of Us Is Lying season finale, and Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart celebrate a Very Tasty Halloween.

The Blacklist


Season Premiere
The Blacklist is entering a new whole era in season 9. After the death of Elizabeth Keen, the NBC drama is jumping ahead two years to find the members of the task force all have very different lives. "Where they've landed in her absence is surprising and wide-ranging," executive producer John Eisendrath teases. The team has been disbanded, but something will bring them all back together to face Blacklisters that are just as nasty as ever. "Even as they've scattered to the four winds, the criminal world has just kept ticking along, which at a certain point becomes impossible for our heroes to ignore," Eisendrath says. —Alamin Yohannes

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Snoop and Martha's Very Tasty Halloween

HOW/WHEN & WHERE TO WATCH: Streaming on Peacock

Who wouldn't want to attend a Halloween bash at Tasty Manor, hosted by Snoop and Martha Stewart? In this holiday special, the two unlikely besties host a dessert competition that requires three teams of pastry experts to evoke fear in their oversized, immersive, and edible displays. "Many of the competition shows that you see, the contestants may or may not be so expert — they may have great personalities, but sometimes they come up with really inedible stuff," says Stewart. "But these guys actually came up with incredible, creative stuff that was all edible. We ate a lot of stuff." Adds Snoop: "[One team] had an ice man that was cutting up ice and making a throne, and then they had stuff around it like you was walking in a cave. And they had this one thing like a haunted house but everything was edible — the walls, the tables, the bugs, the lights — everything. So it was different for me because I was looking at it like it was a set from a movie but at the same time, you could eat everything on the set. And then my mind was going, so I had the munchies. So it was nice." Come for the incredible creations, but stay for Snoop and Martha's Halloween costumes. —Gerrad Hall

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One of Us Is Lying

HOW/WHEN & WHERE TO WATCH: Streaming on Peacock

Season Finale
It all started with peanut oil and a detention that no one will ever forget, and now it's time to find out who really murdered Simon. The One of Us Is Lying season 1 finale will finally reveal what happened in that fateful detention. Will the Bayview Four be cleared of any suspicion, or is one of them behind it all? And while fans of the book think they know what's coming, trust us when we say that some things play out much differently from how it all happens on the page. —Sydney Bucksbaum

One of Us is Lying
Credit: James Dittiger/Peacock

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Royals: Keeping the Crown (docuseries debut) — Curiosity Stream

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