Virgin River Season 4 Gasp-Worthy Moments

By jessica Leon

From Jack's baby mama drama to Doc's questions surrounding the grandson he never knew he had, these are the most gasp-worthy moments of the season. 


Jack's Drinking Problem

Jack's (Martin Henderson) PTSD has been at the forefront of the series, but this season we see him take a turn for the worse. Seeing Jack get so drunk that he misses Mel's (Alexandra Breckenridge) sister's wedding was tough.


Mel's Mother-In-Law Is Ready For Battle

When Mel's former mother-in-law discovers she may be pregnant with her son's baby, she stops at nothing to get joint custody. Luckily it's revealed that Mel's unborn child is Jack's.


Doc's Grandson Troubles

Doc's (Tim Matheson) grandson's (Kai Bradbury)  intentions weren't clear at first, but now we know he just wants to get to know his grandfather. Will his health troubles get in the way?


Jack, You Are Not The Father!

When Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley) dropped the bomb that she was pregnant, we were shocked. However, when she revealed at the end of season 4 that Jack isn't the father, we were left speechless. 


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