TV Families We'd Love To Spend Thanksgiving With

BY EW Staff

Spending the holiday at these dinner tables would be a great time!

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The Belchers, Bob’s Burgers

The meal might be either a masterpiece or a total disaster but it will never be dull — and there will always be songs.


Lauren Morgan

The McCords — minus the McCord kids, Madam Secretary

With Elizabeth and Henry there is always a surplus of good food and low-key highbrow dinner table talk.


Mary Margaret

FC Richmond team, Ted Lasso

The big, loving holiday dinner looks like so much fun and it’d be a low drama, fun day with a great group of people. But I can’t be held responsible if I try to steal Roy from Keeley.

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Maureen Lee Lenker

The Baxters, That's So Raven

Raven’s visions will likely give attendees a good idea about what dining mishaps may come. Most of all, though, I want to ask what the Baxter matriarch Tanya has been doing since she mysteriously fled to London mid-season 3.

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Marcus Jones

The Baxters, That's So Raven

And in case you forgot about spin-off Cory in the House, Raven’s father Victor was once the personal chef to a sitting president, meaning he could provide a world class dinner with a side of political tea. 

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Marcus Jones

The Rhoades, Billions

Sure, mom, dad, grandpa, and the goverment are all fighting, but at least there will be a hertiage bird on the table and the influence to get grandstand seats for the parade. 

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Sarah spRague

The Wilsons, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Sam Wilson comes from a family with a seafood business, so the cooking will be great. And who wouldn't want to say they got to spend Thanksgiving with Captain America?


Chanelle Berlin Johnson

Josh and Donna, The West Wing

I can’t think of a better place to spend Thanksgiving than around a table with Josh Lyman, Donna Moss, the 2.5 kids they undoubtedly have had by now, and an adorable, loving chorus of bickering, Sorkin style. 


Brittany Kaplan

The Bravermans, Parenthood

Not only is the Braverman clan large enough to ensure an appropriate level of holiday chaos, but they’re also sure to end the night with a dance party.


Samantha Highfill

The Dubeks, The Other Two

Thanksgiving with the Dubek clan is guaranteed to be filled with plenty of laughs and lots of love. Something also tells me that Midwestern mom Pat is as an amazing cook as she is a daytime talk show host.


Rebecca Detken

The Cast of New Girl

The New Girl cast is a family that brings entertainment and love to every Thanksgiving. Personally, I would love to be seated next to Jamie Lee Curtis at that Thanksgiving dinner table!


Jessica Leon

Denise and her family, Master of None

I'd love to spend my Thanksgiving with Master of None's Denise (Lena Waithe), her mother (Angela Bassett), and her Aunt Joyce (Kym Whitley), preferably after the coming-out storyline in Waithe's brilliant, game-changing episode "Thanksgiving."


Jason Lamphier

Denise and her family, Master of None

 I'd want to celebrate all the love, laughter, freedom, and exhilaration that followed with this fantastic family.



The ladies of The Wilds

Maybe Shelby shoots a wild turkey, Fatin decorates a sandy tablescape, and we all eat with one eye looking over our shoulder for whatever evil lurks in the jungle or around the table.


Shana Krochmal

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