The Driver Era Answers Fan Questions


At their sold out show in Los Angeles, Ross and Rocky Lynch answered your burning questions. Read for the craziest thing to happen on tour, which song fans seem to love most, and more. 

All About Tour

When asked what the hardest thing about touring is, Rocky Lynch responded with "sleep and long a-- drives." How do they calm down after a show? Ross Lynch joked that they "hit the club." 

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I have an Aries moon and it definitely comes out sometimes.


on whether or not he relates to his zodiac sign

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A Fan Favorite

During tour, the Lynch brothers had to add back in their cover of Kings of Leon's "Sex On Fire." According to Rocky, this is the song that the crowd goes wild for most. To give the fans what they wanted, the band changed their setlist a couple shows in. 

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Craziest Thing To Happen On Tour

Rocky Lynch tevealed that during one show, Ross Lynch decided to do a spontaneous flip on stage. Here's hoping more flips happen in the future. 

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