Single All The Way brings queer cheer! Peter (Michael Urie) asks friend Nick (Philemon Chambers) to pose as his boyfriend to avoid family nagging. Peter’s mom sets up a blind date anyway, but the man of his dreams may be closer than he thinks. 

Don't expect coming out stories or hardships gay men face. This film centers a family that just wants Peter to find love. Philemon is excited for people to see a "rom com that speaks to nothing but unconditional love.” 

Total Acceptance

“We’re going to be sending a family who loves their gay son unconditionally into that many places, and that’s a very special and daunting and exciting, nerve-racking task.”

- Michael UriE

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Newcomer Chambers is a welcome surprise as the charming writer Nick. “What Philemon is so great at is accessing himself, being very open and putting that on camera,” writer Chad Hodge says.

Philemon Chambers’ Standout Performance 

While outlining the story, Hodge created Sandy, Peter’s aunt, for Jennifer Coolidge. “She pulls the on-set tirade on children in rehearsal for a Christmas pageant, and it will make you pee your pants with laughter,” Urie says.

Jennifer Coolidge Shines 

“Jennifer Coolidge makes anyone laugh. There’s something universally funny about her. Part of it is she’s a comic genius, but it’s also that she surprises even herself.”

- Michael Urie

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