5 reasons to watch Netflix’s new zombie series All Of Us Are Dead

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It’s a South Korean coming-of-age zombie apocalypse horror show. What else can you ask for?

Yang Hae-sung/Netflix

The Netflix series follows a group of teenagers as they try to survive a zombie outbreak at their high school. Here are 5 reasons to watch!

Yang Hae-sung/Netflix

1. Nam On-jo and  Lee Cheong-san’s friendship

The two best friends are a great emotional core to remind viewers of the human stakes while zombies rage all around their school and city. 

Yang Hae-sung/Netflix

2. Actress Lee Yoo-Mi

After playing the beloved Ji-yeong on Squid Game, she shows up here playing a character viewers will absolutely love to hate. 

Yang Hae-sung/Netflix

3. Zombies that don’t play 

These zombies are no walkers. They run, twist, and attack as they hunt to turn everyone into the undead. 

Yang Hae-sung/Netflix

4. Nam-ra

Cho Yi-hyun’s performance as the class president is a standout. She begins as a quiet loner but grows into a powerful and skillful leader over the season. 

Yang Hae-sung/Netflix

5. The scale of the show

All Of Us Are Dead focuses on the high school but also maintains a larger view of the city as zombies take over. 


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Yang Hae-sung/Netflix