Following the season 2 midseason finale, Pen15 is heading into the animated world. The last time we saw Maya (Maya Erskine) and Anna (Anna Konkle) they were each going through a difficult time. The animated episode is taking the duo to Florida on vacation. Will their troubles follow? 


Pen15 isn't the first live-action show to take an animated approach. Black-ish kicked off season 7 with an animated episode. It allowed the show to move the story along despite the pandemic.



Seeing Dean and Sam Winchester team up with the Scooby gang to solve a murder was one of the major highlights
of the CW show. Some may say the crossover is their best. Also, who doesn't want to see Jensen Ackles in an ascot?


The cw

Through Community's six seasons, they did multiple animated episodes.
From a claymation Christmas special to a G.I. Joe knockoff featuring Jeff (Joel McHale) taking over the titular role, the series did it all.



One Day At A Time also had a special one-off episode. It contained special effects that would never have been possible in a live-action world. The seventh episode of season 4 ended up closing out the series.

One Day At A Time


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