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Barbara Gordon and more new faces are joining Nightwing and the Titans in the new season.

Meet the new comic book characters
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Titans season 3

Since Dick Grayson started forming his team on season one of Titans, new heroes and villains have entered the fray each season. Here’s who is showing up in season 3!


Barbara Gordon is coming to Gotham! Savannah Welch has been cast as the iconic figure who will start a crime-fighting partnership with Dick.


Mad Men alum Vincent Kartheiser is joining as Jonathan Crane, a.k.a. the Batman villain Scarecrow.


Another member of the Bat-family is coming! Jay Lycurgo has been cast as Tim Drake, another person who takes on the mantle of Robin. 

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Starfire will have her own family issues as her sister and season 3 villain Blackfire will be appearing this season.

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While Dick was there from the beginning, this season he will be fully embracing his identity as NIghtwing after struggling with his complicated relationship with Bruce Wayne.

DC Universe

Also, taking on a new persona is Jason Todd, who will emerge as Red Hood this season. The Titans will have to face one of their own.

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Titans is back but at its new home, HBO Max. New episodes air every Thursday.

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