Every celebrity who’s been unmasked on
The Masked Singer season 7

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By Jillian SederHolm

 Another round of The Masked Singer  is underway!  Here are a few of the stars who have been secretly singing.   

Michael Becker/Fox


Season 7 kicked off with fun and mishaps — including McTerrier, who was a delight on stage — literally losing his head. The show screwed the pooch eliminating Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman. 

Michael Becker/Fox


Ram, bam, thank you, ma'am. The not-so-sheepish singer was eliminated in episode 2 and revealed to be Emmy-winning sportscaster Joe Buck.

Michael Becker/Fox


 The one-eyed monster never saw it coming. LOST alumni and Hawaii Five-O star Jorge Garcia was the first out in a double elimination episode. 

Michael Becker/Fox


Three heads are better than one — and not just when it comes to masked singing. The monstrous Hydra was eliminated in a duel with Armadillo and revealed to be two men doing three voices: the magician duo Penn & Teller. 

Michael Becker/Fox

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Michael Becker/Fox