by alexis wilson

From Bring It On to Marie Antoinette, Kirsten Dunst looks back on some of her most memorable roles.

Kirsten Dunst on Kirsten Dunst 


Interview with the Vampire (1994)

Dunst got her breakout role in Neil Jordan’s adaptation of Anne Rice’s 1976 gothic novel:  "They treated me so sweetly. I was such a princess on that set. The darkness was always balanced out by fart jokes by Brad."


The Virgin Suicides

Dunst’s role in Sofia Coppola’s debut feature ignited a creative partnership: "To have that through a female gaze instead of a male gaze set me up for the rest of my career, being a young girl in this industry, to not want that approval from male directors."


bring it on

While it became one of the defining movies of the 2000s, Dunst worried she wouldn’t be taken seriously after Bring It On: "It's nice to enjoy these things, but your young self always judges you so hard."

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Marie Antoinette

When Coppola asked Dunst to play the French queen, she knew she had to say “oui”: "Every time we work together again, it always feels like you're riding on her ocean. You always feel like you're on this very private Sofia ship, which is really beautiful."


The Power of the Dog (2021)

Dunst fulfilled a longtime dream to work with The Piano director Jane Campion with the Netflix Western The Power of the Dog: "It wasn't like I needed [to play Rose] to purge part of myself. I wanted to work with Jane Campion. I would have played Phil!"

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