by jessica leon

Hope, played by Annette O'Toole, was noticeably absent the majority of season 3 but why?

'Virgin River's Hope: 
Season 3 & What Comes Next


Throughout season 3, you only get to see Hope via FaceTime and Zoom calls. The reason for this shift was none other than the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Hope's absence wasn't always the plan

Showrunner Sue Tenney explains they "worked very hard to make sure she was still very much in the show." However, the shift created a major season 3 re-write. 


When we get to [Doc and Hope's vow renewal], we are definitely going to want to see that play out. But we have some drama going on with both characters that puts that on the back-burner.” 

Virgin River Showrunner

sue tenney




Just as much as season 3 was focused on Jack's emotional recovery from his shooting, much of Hope's journey in season 4 will be focused on her life post-accident and the changes that brings.

Hope's fate on Virgin River

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