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One of Holland Roden's most notable roles was Lydia Martin on MTV's Teen Wolf. According to the actress she learned a lot from her time on set.

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For Roden's role in Escape Room 2 she had to immerse herself in emotional and strenuous situations on screen. However, when the cameras weren't rolling, the cast was able to relax. 

Escape Room 2 was similar to Teen Wolf

in between takes it's pretty chill. I remember the boys loved a bunch of different comedic youtube channels. in between takes we're watching stand-up comedians. so it wasn't super intense, as far as the feeling on set. perhaps i learned that from Teen wOLF. UNTIL IT'S 'ACTION,' IT'S PRETTY CHILL.

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With  100 episodes of Teen Wolf under her belt, Holland has a lot to show for it when it comes to her acting. She is no stranger to working in harsh conditions and having to push through it. 


I WAS RAISED ON THE tEEN woLF SET, WHERE WE IN CONDITIONS THAT WERE REALLY COLD, WET, AND MOST OFTEN NAKED AND NOCTURNAL. I think you just have to make the best of the situation; can't complain. you're really grateful to be working and having a lot of fun despite the content being really intense.


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Holland Roden reveals what she's most grateful for from Teen Wolf