Gillian Jacobs, Chadwick Boseman, and 13 other actors you forgot were on Fringe


Remember the guest stars who joined the wild sci-fi fun of Fringe with Walter, Olivia, and Peter.

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Gillian Jacobs

Just before she brought the hilarious Britta to life on Community, Jacobs played a woman who kidnapped a child to get him to solve an important equation. 

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Chadwick Boseman

The late actor showed up on season 4 of Fringe as a test subject who knew Olivia as a child before playing James Brown, Jackie Robinson, and the Black Panther. 

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Meghan Markle

The Duchess of Sussex appears in a pair of season 2 episodes as Agent Amy Jessup who gets involved with the Fringe Division after a mysterious crash in Manhattan. 

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Henry Ian Cusick

During season 4, Cusick introduced the 2036 and played Agent Simon Foster, who fought to free the world from the Observers along with his partner. 

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Martha Plimpton

Plimpton got into the sci-fi fun as a small town sheriff that works with Peter on an investigation on a serial killer who sliced victims’ brains. 

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Jill Scott

The R&B icon showed up on the final season of Fringe as a member of the resistance who has a vital piece the team needs in their battle against the Observers. 

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Philip Winchester

Before playing Peter Stone in four Dick Wolf shows, Winchester played Frank Stanton in four episodes on Fringe. He plays a CDC virologist and Olivia’s fiancé in the alternate universe. 

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Jorge Garcia

If you watch season 3 carefully, you'll catch Lost alum Jorge Garcia pop up very briefly as a security guard. 

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Cameron Monaghan 

Before being part of the beloved Gallavich, the Shameless alum played a teen with the ability to control minds named Tyler Carson. 

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Jeff Perry

On Fringe’s second season, a man’s insanity is cured when a piece of Walter’s brain is removed from his own. He was played by Shondaland mainstay Perry. 

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Michael Kelly

Before he was Chief of Staff Doug Stamper on House of Cards, Kelly played a man desperately searching for a mysterious beacon during season 1 of Fringe. He even tortured Peter to get his hands on it. 

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Billy Burke

Agent Dunham goes to Germany on a case where she reconnects with a man from her past played by Burke, who is best known for playing Bella’s dad in the Twilight film series.

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James Frain

Playing the fearful Mr. Kohl, the lawyer for season 1’s main villain, was different for Frain, who is known for playing intimidating characters on shows like True Blood and Orphan Black

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Diane Kruger

The 355 star made an uncredited cameo in Fringe season 2 as a lawyer who died after suddenly having fast-growing skin tumors.

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Ebon Moss-Bachrach

The Punisher alum showed up in season 1 as a man who had the ability to affect electrical energy. 

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Now’s the perfect time to relive the wild journey that is Fringe.

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