by jessica leon

Adam Sandler has had more than one memorable film over the past three decades. From The Wedding Singer to Big Daddy, here are five must-watch films. 

5 must watch 
adam sandler movies


Everett Collection

Sandler starred as a grandson with anger management problems in this golf comedy. Happy Gilmore is filled with comedic bits that will have you crying from laughter. Bonus: See Julie Bowen before her Modern Family days.  

Happy Gilmore


Everett Collection

Sandler and Drew Barrymore's first on-screen pairing was an instant hit because of their undeniable chemistry. The duo would go on to star together twice more.


The Wedding Singer

Everett Collection

The Sprouse twins were no strangers to being in front of a camera. Before their roles on Friends, they joined Sandler for Big Daddy. Sandler showed off his dad skills in the '90s movie.


Big Daddy

Sony Pictures Animation

Sandler as the iconic vamp Dracula is worth watching any day of the week. Selena Gomez and Adam Brody can also be heard in the supernatural animated movie. 


Hotel Transylvania

Sandler put his dramatic acting skills to the test when he portrayed Howard in Uncut Gems. He may not have had a happy ending in this film, but it's definitely still worth a watch. 


Uncut Gems


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