by Nick Romano

A closer look at the cinematic bloodbath.


A lot is packed into the first Mortal Kombat trailer: well-known video game characters brought to life on screen, gruesome brutality moves, and gnarly fatalities. So let's unpack it all. 

A mission in brazil

In Mortal Kombat canon, Sonya Blade and Jax Briggs are members of a special forces unit that monitors activities from other realms. In the trailer, Sonya mentions an incident that occured when their team traveled to Brazil in search of a wanted fugitive.

Lewis Tan says Warner Bros. "searched far and wide for the right girl" to play Cole's daughter Emily, and they found her in Matilda Kimber.

Like Father,
Like Daughter

History lessons

Searching for answers to the mystery of his mark, Cole makes his way to Sonya, who explains, "Throughout history, different cultures all over the world reference a great tournament of champions. That dragon marking?
I think it's an invitation."

Director Simon McQuoid found unique ways to tell Scorpion's story. The kunai blade is his signature weapon. "We did a bit of research and the kunai is actually an ancient Japsnese gardening tool," McQuoid explains.

the birth of scorpion

Eye on the prize

Kano is a cybernetic mercenary, who's more like an adversary in the games. So, it's interesting to see him as one of Earth's champions. What remains accurate is his eye
that can blast lasers.

As you can see, Jax isn't down for the count after losing his arms. In fact, he's new and improved. 

Arms of Steel

The Kori Blade

One of Sub-Zero's weapons, the Kori Blade, makes an appearance in Mortal Kombat. It's a sword he can create by freezing water molecules into the shape of a...well, sword.

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of the superhero! 

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