5 erotic thrillers to watch after
Deep Water

EDITED BY alexis wilson

By Joshua Rothkopf

Once ruling the box office, erotic thrillers seemed to have disappeared. Here are 5 great erotic thrillers to remind you of what Deep Water could have been. 

 Claire Folger/20th Century Studios 

​​Body Double

A seductive female (Melanie Griffith), a silly kill or two, and stellar use of a pop song. Don’t spoil the fun by questioning how believable it is. 

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Fatal Attraction

An unhinged Glenn Close refuses to be ignored by philandering Michael Douglas, with enviable NYC apartments and a boiled bunny. Fatal Attraction is as “classy” as erotic thrillers come. 

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Basic Instinct

Signature actor of the erotic thriller MIchael Douglas gets in over his head as a coked-up detective whose murder investigation leads him to Sharon Stone’s manipulative novelist. 

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Single White Female (1992) 

The you-stole-my-haircut identity thriller is a commanding showcase for Jennifer Jason Leigh while diving into the meltdown of a clingy psychotic roommate. (If you end up liking her character more than Bridget Fonda’s- same.)

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Black Swan

 Ballet and Tchaikovsky go a long way for Black Swan, which is essentially a down-and-dirty sex misadventure. Natalie Portman’s sheltered diva learns the ropes from Mila Kunis and Vincent Cassel in the Darren Aronofsky psychodrama. Asset: 


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Claire Folger/20th Century Studios