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The Netflix comedy’s next season will center Lena Waithe’s character,
not Aziz Ansari’s. 

Denise Gets the Spotlight in
Master of None Season 3

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Master of None is returning, but it’ll be all about Denise and her partner Alicia, played by Naomi Ackle (Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker). Get ready for Master of None: Moments in Love.

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Viewers will see Denise and Alicia navigate the ups and downs of marriage, fertility struggles and personal growth. 

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Master of None co-creator Aziz Ansari, who starred on previous seasons, will be working behind the scenes much more this time directing all the episodes and co-writing with Waithe. 

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After season 2, Ansari was accused of sexual coercion and has since laid low. 

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Moments in Love doesn’t seem to be focusing on specific issues, instead capturing  the existential nature of past seasons. 

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As Denise, Waithe was the partner-in-crime to Ansari’s character Dev. As a writer, her work was history-making. 

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One of the best episodes of the series is 2017’s “Thanksgiving,” which centers on Denise coming out to her mother, played by Angela Bassett. 

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The episode chronicles Denise’s coming out through her family’s Thanksgiving celebrations over the years and their growing, reluctant acceptance. 

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 “Thanksgiving” was loosely based on Waithe’s personal experience of coming out to her mother. 

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The work done on that episode earned awards for Waithe. She became the first Black woman to win an Emmy for writing for a comedy series. 

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Denise’s story continues when Master of None returns on May 23. 

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