Mo Amer, Bob the Drag Queen, and more share the stories that make them laugh


Want to laugh? Catherine Cohen, Guy Branum, and more Netflix Is a Joke fest comics got you covered!


The Comeback

Catherine Cohen has a pick for you! “The funniest show of all time is The Comeback, starring Lisa Kudrow. It’s just genius. It’s a masterpiece.” 


30 Rock

Solomon Georgio has watched every episode of 30 Rock several times and always catches something new. “It is a gift that never stops giving,” he says.


The Golden Girls

Aside from the good writing, comedian Matteo Lane thinks people forget how talented and seasoned The Golden Girls’ stars were as they bickered and made audiences laugh for years.


The Color Purple

While Bob the Drag Queen knows it’s not a comedy, the “funny parts” of The Color Purple always make him laugh. 

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Midnight Run

The Robert De Niro and Charles Grodin-starring classic film is Mo Amer’s pick when he’s looking for something to make him laugh.

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“I can always count on Anchorman to really get me going,” says Carlos Santos.

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The Nanny

To Guy Branum, the brilliance of The Nanny is that it’ll give you two bad jokes to lull you into a false sense of security before coming through with a third hilarious one. 

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