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Gina Torres loves “everything about” the Netflix series. 

Clayton Cardenas and Gina Torres on How Gentefied Resonates With Them

Gentefied follows three Mexican-American cousins as they chase the American dream while honoring their neighborhood and culture. 

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Gina Torres (Suits) and Clayton Cardenas (Mayans M.C.) both love this story about the next generation. It’s a first-generation and immigrant story about a family of young artists.

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Artists choosing life paths that their families may not have envisioned for them resonates with Torres because it mirrors her own experience.

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We are who we are because they gave us the permission and the courage to follow that dream as much as they pretend not to understand it and fight against it.

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on what her and her siblings learned from their parents

Gina Torres

As a Mexican-American, Cardenas is happy to see a show whose stories ring true for him. 

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He specifically loves the communication between the older and younger generations. 


The elders mainly speak in Spanish and the youth mainly speak in English, but both groups know enough of one another’s languages to communicate.


The language between the elders and the young is really spot on.

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On Gentefied

Clayton Cardenas

Gentefied’s Chris, Eric, and Ana are characters full of soul who balance wanting bright futures with caring for their neighborhood. 


We want to see ourselves elevated and become more than ourselves, bigger than what we have seen prior without having to leave our souls behind and I love that about Gentefied.

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Gina TorRES

Characters would have been relegated to the sidelines in the past are now front and center, which is incredibly encouraging for Torres and Cardenas. 

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I am patiently waiting for the second season of Gentefied.

Kevin Estrada/NETFLIX

Gina Torres

Gentefied season 2 premieres November 10. 

Kevin Estrada/NETFLIX

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