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What happened to jennifer pierce?

Black Lightning
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Jennifer Pierce is sticking around on Black Lightning after China Anne McClain's exit from the series, and now we know how!

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Gambi saves Jennifer after her physical body explodes in the ionosphere, but she emerges from the process with a whole new face.

Enter new
Black Lightning
star Laura Kariuki 

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Jennifer and Jefferson Pierce have trouble accepting the new reality, but lynn explains the superhero switcheroo.

Lynn Stewart

"They share the same genes, but depending on the environment, they would express themselves in a different way, like different eye color, hair color, different level of disease."

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Bob Mahoney/The CW

Peter Gambi

"Jeff, it's a miracle she survived at all. We're just going to have to accept the fact. that this is the new Jen from now on."

Eliza Morse/The CW

Jefferson has a hard time accepting the new Jennifer until she joins him to help innocent people from aggressive police officers.

The real-world explanation for the change is simple: McClain revealed that season 4 would be her last no matter the show's fate and only signed on for a few episodes.

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on leaving Black Lightning

China Anne Mcclain

"What I did know and have known along with the rest of the cast since before we even starting shooting this season is that I am leaving the show."

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Jennifer may have a new face, but Lightning is getting right to work because the episode ends with a sword-wielding mercenary being hired to kill the Pierce family.