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They’ve scored zero Academy Awards, but they won our attention.

for Nothing

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Palm Springs will forever be the film of 2020. For some inexplicable reason comedies have long been looked at as being below the traditional prestige drama.

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Andy Samberg has been a comedy fixture, but Nyles allowed him to show new levels and range, hopefully leading to more nuanced opportunities in his future.

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And Hollywood can no longer deny the leading actress talent that is Cristin Milioti. Wherever she has popped up, she leaves an impression.

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    on Palm Springs

Derek Lawrence

"In the last year, there weren't 10 more deserving and innovative films than Palm Springs; and there weren't five more daring, unexpected performances by an actress than the one given by Cristin Milioti."

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The Assistant has bigger fish to fry than the Oscars. The Academy loves to award movies about Hollywood, but this is one that may have hit too close to home.

Bleecker Street

It shines a glaring light on the entertainment industry's appalling treatment of its support staff, an issue that Hollywood is still struggling to address.

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One can't help but feel that, in asking Hollywood to examine itself, it was shutting itself out of the Oscars from the very beginning.

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The film arrived as assistants and other employees are starting to demand more humane treatment. As the fight continues, The Assistant may have a role to play.

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Horror movies get better regarded over time with today's blood-drenched programmer becoming tomorrow's acclaimed subject of academic study.

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Anyone who bets big against history remembering The Invisible Man better than the Academy should be afraid. Very afraid.


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