A pop culture timeline of Bennifer

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By Tyler Aquilina

After two decades, Bennifer has finally reached its climax — for now. Here’s a pop culture timeline of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. 

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 "Jenny From the Block" (2002)

Lopez and Affleck made their on-screen debut together in the video for her single “Jenny from the Block,” though it seems everyone would prefer to forget. "If I have a big regret, it was doing the music video," said Affleck in 2008. 

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Gigli is important for two reasons: 1) Lopez and Affleck first met properly on set in late 2001. 2) Gigli became the punchline for every joke about the couple after its release. It grossed only $7.2 million worldwide on a $75.6 million budget.

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Jersey Girl

It’s easy to forget Bennifer made a second movie together. Affleck plays a single father whose first wife (Lopez) dies after giving birth. Jersey Girl arrived in theaters just six months after Gigli, and two months after Bennifer called it quits. 


 "Marry Me"

Two decades after “Jenny From the Block,” Affleck appeared in another J. Lo music video. Though never officially confirmed, it’s widely assumed that Affleck is the one seen cuddling with Lopez in the video.

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