11 LGBTQ books to add to your reading list this month

BY Alamin Yohannes

From Casey McQuiston’s YA debut to an LGBTQ romance set in the world of K-dramas, and more!

Valerie Mosley

11 LGBTQ Books to Add to Your Reading List in May


From Casey McQuiston’s YA debut to an LGBTQ romance set in the world of K-dramas, and more!

Valerie Mosley

I Kissed Shara Wheeler 

The Red, White and Royal Blue author is making their YA debut! Chloe teams up with the two boys Shara kissed one night to find her competitor for the title of Valedictorian by following a series of clues. (out now!)

Wednesday Books

  BY Casey McQuiston

If You Change Your Mind

Inkyard Press

  BY Robby Weber

Harry is focused on his dreams of becoming a screenwriter by winning a competition to get into the college of his dreams, until the first guy to break his heart and a new boy in town enter the picture in Weber’s debut. (out now!)

Burn Down, Rise Up

Raquel is drawn into a nightmare version of the Bronx when people from her borough start disappearing and her mother slips into a coma after touching a strange substance in this YA horror tale. (out now!)

Sourcebooks Fire

  BY Vincent Tirado

Café Con Lychee

Theo and Gabriel’s parents run rival eateries, one a Asian American café and the other a Puerto Rican bakery. The two join together to stop a new fusion establishment in the neighborhood. (May 10)

Quill Tree Books

by Emery Lee

Magic, Lies and Deadly Pies

Daisy has a unique business in Pies Before Guys. She delivers pies and revenge against men on behalf of women in her town. When that's threatened by a blackmailer, Daisy must put a stop to it before her secret gets out. (May 10)

Crooked Lane Books

by Misha Popp

Melt WIth You

Fallon and Chloe were BFFs until hooking up and miscommunication got in the way. The former besties have to figure it out because they're set to work on an ice cream truck co-owned by their moms at festivals across the country. Awkward. (May 17)

random house

by Jennifer Dugan

All The Things We Don’t Talk About

Morgan is a non-binary teen raised by their neurodivergent father after their mother left. Things get complicated when Morgan’s mom Zoe suddenly returns and the family has to deal with their baggage. (May 24)

Grand Central Publishing

by Amy Feltman

A Lady For A Duke


  BY Alexis Hall

In this romance about a transwoman, Viola is presumed dead but actually fled to become the person she has always been. The best friend she left behind sinks into a depression, so she returns, and they develop feelings for one another. (May 24)

You Made a Fool of Death With Your Beauty

Emezi is back! In this story, a woman who’s been mourning her husband meets a new man and his friends. What starts as her way back into dating and sex spirals into a very complicated situation. (May 24)

Atria Books

  BY Akwaeke Emezi

Flip The Script

Hana signs a contract to start a romance with her K-drama on-screen boyfriend. Things get tricky when he gets a new love interest who Hana starts to fall for. (May 31)

Katherine Tegen Books

by Lyla Lee

Kings of B’More

When Linus tells her friend Harrison his family is suddenly moving at the end of the week, Harrison packs a full summer of fun into one day. (May 31)


by R. Eric Thomas

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