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when it comes to these nine fictional cliques, we're the first in line to join.

movie girl gangs we wish we could join

everett collection

the plastics of 
Mean girls

Call us crazy, but we happen to think that being personally victimized by The Plastics would be totally fetch.

claudette barius/warner bros.

the women of 
birds of prey

A bad breakup is no match for Harley Quinn's Birds of Prey crew. This mismatched candy-colored group almost makes being dumped fun. 

tim roney/getty

the spice girls

We really "Wannabe" friends with the Spice Girls, especially since circa 1997, when Spice World was released and taught us everything we needed to know about girl power.

barry wetcher/warner bros.

the women of 
ocean's 8

Gentlemen, step aside. There's a new Ocean running things, and her 7 associates have the skills and style to pull off any heist.


the women of 
sex and the city

Women may move to New York hoping to find love (and labels), but they stay hoping to link up with their own Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda.


the women of 

Being a bridesmaid can be stressful, but the women of Bridesmads make it look fun. (Aside from that dress fitting fiasco, of course.)

marvel studios

the dora milaje of
black panther

The respect for the female badassery of the Dora Milaje is yet another way that Wakanda is years ahead of the rest of the world.

peter iovino/columbia/kobal/rex/shutterstock

the coven of
the craft, 1996

When it comes to this supernatural girl gang, they are the weirdos, and we're totally in.

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everett collection