The 5 Most Heartfelt Football Films


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Hollywood has scored with several touching pigskin movies over the years. 

Friday Night Lights (2004)

An injury to a star player, a fullback with past demons, and the pressure of winning in a football-first town — the movie version of Friday Night Lights goes harder and faster than the TV series it inspired.

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Jerry Maguire

No other movie has ever made the player-agent relationship feel so impactful. Rod Tidwell’s speech and thank you to Jerry near the end of the movie always sparks tears of joy. 

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The Blind Side

Though it’s since become a somewhat controversial film, Sandra Bullock’s Oscar-winning performance packs a punch to this day.   

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Sean Astin’s character fights through all kinds of obstacles (bad grades, obstinate coaches) to finally get his chance on the field. What he does with that one opportunity is enough to make anyone cry.

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Remember the Titans

Based on the true story of coach Herman Boone (Denzel Washington), Remember the Titans deftly tackles institutional racism and explores what it truly takes to form bonds in spite of a prejudiced society. 

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