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fro moana to fast five, we're breaking down five of our favorite dwayne "ThE RoCk" johnson movies.

our 5 favorite dwayne johnson movies

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the game plan (2007)

Johnson plays arrogant jerk well in The Game Plan, especially up against the adorableness of Madison Pettis. Bonus points for the ballet scene.

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the mummy returns (2007)

 Though he's not on screen much, the presence of Johnson's character in The Mummy Returns demands attention. Even more impressive? This was his film debut.

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jungle cruise (2021)

In addition to how his tiny captain's hat looks on his head, his chemistry with the lovable Emily Blunt makes Disney's attempt at a Disneyfied version of The Mummy enjoyable.

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the run down (2003)

The Run Down's jungle setting and the amazing chemistry between Johnson and Seann William Scott makes the film one of our faves and left us wanting for the long-rumored sequel.


moana (2016)

Johnson would argue that Moana isn't the biggest non-Fast film of his career, but we'd all agree that the 2016 Disney hit is his biggest cultural pop phenomenon.


fast five (2011)

The fifth Fast & Furious film, Fast Five, was a game-changer for the franchise with its addition of Luke Hobbs (Johnson) and a must-watch for the Johnson and Diesel feud alone.

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