It’s that time of year! Get into the scaries with these great fall books. From ghost stories and eerie new novels, here’s a collection of books to keep you busy and get you in the Halloween spirit this October. 

This eerie novel about a death inside a full-contact escape room stretches the horror genre to eye-opening degrees. As Mattson fills out the backstories of the witnesses, he probes racial fetishism and far-right radicalization — among other topics far more terrifying than the frights inside the central haunted house. 


by James Han Mattson

Jackson’s horror debut follows former track star Mari and her family as they move to a new city, in part to distance the teenager from her past mistakes, only to discover that their house is haunted. "She was already haunted, and to take her into a place where she's running from proverbial ghosts and moves into a home run by ghosts created a very interesting dynamic," Jackson says.


by Tiffany D. Jackson

Jade Daniels knows her stuff when it comes to slasher films. She loves them and thinks one is playing out in her hometown of Proofrock. All that knowledge may not be enough to save the town she’s grown up in. Stephen Graham Jones’ latest both deconstructs and celebrates the genre in the horror page-turner. 

My Heart Is
A Chainsaw

by Stephen Graham JoneS

The Luminous Dead author dives into Gothic horror with her latest novel, The Death of Jane Lawrence. After finding herself in a marriage of convenience trapped in the haunted manor her husband’s family owns, Jane Shoringfield turns to magic to save herself and the decrepit home she’s stuck in. 

The Death OF
Jane Lawrence

by Caitlin Starling

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