Queens is about a hip-hop group called Nasty Bitches, the biggest act ever in the ’90s. They reunite to capture the glory days, but now people also see them as individuals too. Musicians Brandy and Eve, former 3LW member Naturi Naughton, and Major Crimes alum Nadine Velazquez play the band members. 

Eve: I play Brianna (a.k.a. Professor Sex), and as a mom of five kids, she ain’t got no time for nothing—especially music at the moment. You see her going through her own family issues, but also wanting to capture Professor Sex, to be that woman again.

Who do each of you play?

Brandy: I play Naomi (a.k.a. Xplicit Lyrics), and I’m still trying to be a musician. I’ve been chasing fame for such a long time, to the point where I basically abandoned my relationship with my daughter. But the music that I do as Naomi is about my daughter.

Who do each of you play?

Brandy: Naturi plays Jill Da Thrill. She’s a Catholic, so she’s conflicted between coming back to the group and talking about some of the things that we talked about in the ’90s. And then Valeria, who’s played by Nadine Velazquez, she’s Butter Pecan.

What about the other two members?

  It’s been great working with them. Everybody is so excited about the show, so the passion and the drive is there. We all support each other, which is amazing.”

- Brandy

Brandy: I’m really glad he’s doing the music because the music sounds amazing.

Eve: And it sounds like that time. We have captured that time, literally. And each verse in the songs is perfect for all of us. 

Swizz Beatz is the music producer. What can say about the show's music?

Eve: What we are doing, while there might be a comedy aspect, is real stuff. I’m excited to see the chemistry that we have, but also there’s real friendship that we are trying to capture. 

Brandy: Women need each other.

What are you excited for people to see on Queens?

You need your friendships, whether you’re in a group or not. It really is important. And I think people will gravitate to it.”


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