5 of the best movies
of 2022 so far

by leah greenblatt

EDITED BY alexis wilson

 It’s been an unpredictable and weird year for many things, and movies are not exempt.  From hormonal pandas to hustlers, here are five of 2022’s best movies so far.

Everett Collection 

Turning Red

"Pixar does puberty" is a logline that could have gone seriously awry; instead, director Domee Shi (the Oscar-winning short Bao) steers her story so breezily that it's easy to miss how low-key radical Red turns out to be.



Don't fear the reaper, director Mariama Diallo implies in her uneven but piercing debut — though you may want to take a good long look in the mirror.

Amazon Studios

Apollo 10½: A Space Age Childhood

The real gift of the film, though, is its tender, slow-baked exploration of 1960s Texas from a child's-eye view — a vanished era of Frito pie, wood-paneled station wagons, and stickball in the street.



The all-star NBA cameos fly fast and loose, but it's the odd-couple friendship at the center— and the Rocky-like rush of the storyline — that score.


Everything Everywhere All at Once

Rarely has a movie title so aptly captured the prismatic madness of its premise (or rather, the impossibility of even trying to).


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