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Twenty years after the film's release, the tribeca film festival hosted a much-anticipated reunion, moderated by the film's narrator, alex baldwin.

20 years of
The royal tenenbaums:
5 things you might not know

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"I don't know why the producers are insisting that I have a voice-over," Baldwin recalled director Wes Anderson saying. "I'm never going to use it. Don't worry, just throw it off."

alec baldwin Says his narration, almost didn't make the cut

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The actor continued, "And the next thing you know, I find that I'm in a company with all of you amazing, amazing actors, and I watched this movie, and my mouth is on the floor."

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"Alec, I think your voice is as big a character as anybody else's," he said.
"I mean, you're in the whole movie, and your voice is such a strong thing."

anderson later denied saying this

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Gene Hackman, who retired from acting a few years after the film's release, was both intimidating and underpaid. A limited budget meant that the filmmakers weren't able to pay Hackman the rate he was accustomed to.

There's No one like Gene

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"He had a great thing he did where he was just on set all day," Luke Wilson recalled. "He just sat in his chair between shots. So even if another scene was going on, or if he wasn't in it, he was always right there - which was also intimidating."

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Andrew Wilson plays the farmer who accidentally chops off the finger of Margot Tenenbaum when she goes seeking her birth family. 

a third wilson brother also appeared in the film

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Andrew's hand is also featured in a close-up shot showing the BB gun pellet stuck in Chas' hand, a nod to a similar incident from their childhood: "In real life he has a BB in his hand from where he got shot by me or Luke," Owen said.


Director wes anderson lost his temper once On set

I remember that, and I do feel bad about raising my voice," Anderson said after Luke Wilson recalled an argument between himself and the director during a fitting. 

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"I don't think there was any need for it. I think there's something to be said for, 'Is the actor comfortable with what you're putting them in?' And then 90 percent of the time we framed you above the waist anyway."

wes anderson

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gwyneth paltrow's Sentimental Connection

Paltrow hates seeing herself in movies but loves watching a particular scene from The Royal Tenenbaums.

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"My dad was there, and it was this very special day," Paltrow said. "I really hate, hate seeing myself in a movie ever. That's kind of like the only scene that I can watch myself, like of my whole career."

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