The first installment offers a crash course in all things nonbinary and features singer Shamir, actor Bex Taylor-Klaus, and Bob the Drag Queen.

It's officially Pride Month, and we're celebrating at EW with our new podcast series Untold Stories: Pride Edition, which launches today. With the recent boom in representation of nonbinary people in popular culture, season 2 goes Beyond the Binary

New installments premiere every Wednesday, and in the first of the four, producer Carly Usdin and host, producer, and entertainment journalist Tre'vell Anderson kick things off with a slew of guests, including RuPaul's Drag Race winner Bob the Drag Queen and Deputy alum Bex Taylor-Klaus, who discuss nonbinary visibility. But first, after a little introduction, Anderson takes listeners through a crash course in "Nonbinary 101," exploring what the label nonbinary means to different people, like musician Shamir. 

As they tell Anderson in Beyond the Binary, the term means "somewhere on the spectrum — I'm not cis, I'm not binary-trans, I'm just somewhere. You know what I mean?" The artist continues, "I'm Shamir, I'm out here."

Anderson then delves into how we're seeing more instances of nonbinary people in pop culture than ever before, highlighting recent comments from singer Sam Smith and noting the spate of new TV shows featuring nonbinary characters.

Taylor-Klaus, of the series Scream, is up next, detailing how they've begun speaking out for more nuanced representation of nonbinary characters in Hollywood. "To have projects that view me as a person, a multifaceted person with things to say and input to give, and expertise to lend — it's really nice," they tell Anderson.

Also featured in Beyond the Binary's first episode are podcaster and consultant Tuck Woodstock; model, writer, and activist Devin-Norelle, and writer Alok. At the end of it, Anderson and their guests reflect on Elliot Page's recent revelatory sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey.

New episodes of Untold Stories: Beyond the Binary will drop every Wednesday throughout Pride month. Each episode will also be accompanied by a short-form video companion (shown above) that will be available on and on EW's YouTube page

Listen to the first episode of Untold Stories: Beyond the Binary below, and be sure to subscribe to hear our upcoming episodes on Apple Podcasts every Wednesday.

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