Plus watch the first trailer for Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas.

It's not good to be greedy during the holiday season, but now that Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist fans are getting the Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas holiday movie, is it too much to ask for more?

We're just a few weeks away from returning to the lives of Zoey (Jane Levy), Max (Skylar Astin), and the rest of the singing/dancing characters from the beloved, canceled NBC series-turned-the Roku Channel movie, but creator Austin Winsberg tells EW that he's already thinking about potentially continuing the story past the film.

"It's an excellent open question," Winsberg says. "Roku has been really amazing, supportive partners and really just wanting to lean into all things Zoey. The challenge of the movie was to feel like people could come in without having seen the show before and to feel like we're telling a whole story as a movie, not just extended episodes of the show. So it's a story that has some version of a beginning, middle, and end. But I also feel like we keep it open enough that, should the demand be out there, I could definitely see the story continuing, either more episodes or more movies."

Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas | Official Trailer | The Roku Channel
Credit: Roku

Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas picks up with Zoey and her family as they prepare to celebrate their first holiday without Mitch (Peter Gallagher). Plus we'll finally get to see how Zoey and Max navigate their new relationship now that Max has her same powers to hear people's inner thoughts and desires through song. Winsberg already knows where he could take these characters and this story further if he's able to create more seasons or movies.

"I have lots more Zoey movie ideas in my head," he says. "Now that I've kind of come around to the Zoey movie idea and the structure of these movies, I have more movie ideas in my head already. If there's a demand out there? And the cast really loved making the movie too. There was something about coming in to do this one particular thing and to really just focus on that that I think everyone really responded to. Everybody had a good time."

Winsberg adds that "it would be great if we could ever do more, but I have no idea what the future holds. I wish I had control over that. I'm not the person who controls that."

Watch the first trailer for Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas below:

Zoey's Extraordinary Christmas premieres Dec. 1 on The Roku Channel. 

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