The clip is from an upcoming episode of the new Showtime variety series Ziwe.


ZIWE (TV Series)

First, Ziwe took over late night TV, and now she's ready to take over the music charts.

The host of Showtime's variety show Ziwe just dropped her newest comedic music video called "Stop Being Poor," and it is first and foremost a bop. The song title is a likely nod to the viral picture of Paris Hilton wearing a shirt that says "Stop Being Poor," though Hilton recently revealed that image was photoshopped.

Keeping her colorful, early aughts aesthetic, Ziwe is joined by comedian and recent Together Together star Patti Harrison to sing-rap lines like "If you are a poor person, then just go out and find a job," and "If you have medical debt, then call you provider honey."

Given the deadpan delivery, the performers make it pretty clear this is a satirical takedown of the crippling income inequality in America, and people's struggle to make ends meet during the COVID-19 shutdown — but it bumps hard enough to get people moving and shaking.

Ziwe and her writer Jordan Mendoza wrote the track, which was produced by Chicken. Quinn Wilson, who's worked with artists like Lizzo and King Princess, directed the visual. It's a part of an episode airing this weekend that's themed around wealth hoarding.

Ziwe airs on Showtime on Sundays at 11 p.m. ET.

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