Well, now we have some idea of what the Snyder Cut of Harley Quinn would look like.

Zack Snyder has weighed in on the debate that's been raging since Monday of whether Batman would go down on Catwoman. And first, let us clarify, yes, there is at least a semblance of a reason for this. In a recent interview with VarietyHarley Quinn co-creator and executive producer Justin Halpern revealed that DC axed an oral sex scene between the Caped Crusader and his sometime paramour on the animated series.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice
Zack Snyder directs Ben Affleck on the set of 'Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice'
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"It's incredibly gratifying and free to be using characters that are considered villains because you just have so much more leeway," Halpern said. "A perfect example of that is in this third season of Harley [when] we had a moment where Batman was going down on Catwoman. And DC was like, 'You can't do that. You absolutely cannot do that.' They're like, 'Heroes don't do that.' So we said, 'Are you saying heroes are just selfish lovers?' They were like, 'No, it's that we sell consumer toys for heroes. It's hard to sell a toy if Batman is also going down on someone.'"

This revelation sparked intense debate online (and in the EW comments section) as to whether Batman would do such a thing. But Snyder apparently decided to put this debate to rest with a definitive answer: Yes.

"Canon," the Justice League director tweeted Thursday night, alongside a NSFW image of... well, you can guess.

Meanwhile, Val Kilmer, who played the Dark Knight on screen in Batman Forever, also commented on the debate in a much more oblique fashion, tweeting a GIF of a suggestive moment between his Batman and Nicole Kidman's Dr. Chase Meridian in the 1995 film.

In fairness, Snyder isn't exactly known for subtlety. Harley Quinn, which has been renewed for season 3, is currently streaming on HBO Max, while Snyder's latest film, Army of the Dead, is streaming on Netflix.

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