The cast and creator of the uplifting series talk about saying goodbye and what's to come in season 7.

Younger is all grown up.

The final season of Darren Star's comedy is here, and just because Liza's little lie about her age is finally fully out in the open, that doesn't mean the drama has aged out. As the show nears its conclusion, EW gathered the cast and creator for our Around the Table video series to dish about their first impressions of the show, who stole what from set, and what to expect from the last 12 episodes.

"I remember getting the script and immediately I was like, 'Oh Darren Star!'" recalls star Sutton Foster, who adds that she didn't even sit down as she raced through the pages. "I just remember thinking, 'I think I might be able to pull this off…' Then I was determined. I'd never wanted a job more, but never in a million years would I have imagined seven years… It's wild."

Sutton Foster on 'Younger'
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Nico Tortorella, who portrays Liza's on-again, off-again love interest Josh, remembers being excited to play a part where he didn't have to conceal all his tattoos, and he adds that working on the show felt like "summer camp" every year, as the cast became such close friends. "And now we're too old to go summer camp," he jokes. Luckily, Molly Bernard, who plays fabulously fierce pansexual publicist Lauren, has a backup idea: "But maybe we can be camp counselors?"

As for the secret of the show's longevity, Peter Hermann (who plays Liza's current boyfriend and boss, Charles Brooks) believes it's the overwhelmingly positive tone that's kept it on the air for seven seasons. "This show is so fundamentally optimistic and so unabashedly positive, and that's a respite from the way that we spend our days," he says. "There's something very winning about that. It's not a show that's naive in any way. It's not a show that pulls its punches. It's plenty sarcastic. It's got all the bite that you want, but it's a show that is optimistic about human beings and the friendships between them."

A warm feeling inside isn't all Hermann walked away from Younger with. "I marauded and pillaged," he says when asked if he managed to sneak home with any of Charles' custom three-piece suits. "I actually did get to take a number of them home, and I sleep in them and then wake up the next day and put on the next one, and wear three of them a day."

When it comes to season 7, Tortorella says to look out for some baby surprises as Josh continues to navigate fatherhood and the cast jokes that it was a collaborative effort to constantly conceal Hilary Duff's real-life pregnancy. (Duff plays book editor Kelsey.) But at the end of the day, it's those group moments that Foster will miss most now that the show has wrapped.

"It's all the stuff behind the scenes that I'll miss," she says. "I'll miss just hanging out and showing each other photos and laughing and crochet club… We just had such a great time, and we were together for long-ass days, and we worked together for seven years of our lives and shared this time together — and that's what I'll miss."

The first four episodes of Younger season 7 are available now on Paramount+ and Hulu. The final eight episodes will be released weekly, on Thursdays.

Watch the video above for more from the Younger team.

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