The cast of Paramount Network's Yellowstone talked all things Josh Holloway in a SAG-AFTRA Foundation panel.

In the ABC hit series LostJosh Holloway's Sawyer was often a thorn in the side of Jack and John Locke. In season 3 of Paramount Network's YellowstoneHolloway is upping the ante by assuming the role of "the most formidable enemy" for the Dutton Family, according to the show's very own Kelly Reilly.

"It's way bigger than anything that they've faced,' Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton, said in a SAG-AFTRA Foundation panel with the show's cast moderated by EW. "He does represent the most formidable enemy that they have met. Beth understands this is something the Dutton's can't fight with."

Actors Reilly, Cole Hauser, Luke Grimes, Wes Bentley, and Gil Birmingham spoke during the panel about the dangers that lie ahead for the Yellowstone Ranch, a home and workplace that's been constantly bombarded with threats to its preservation. Holloway is introduced in season 3 as hedge fund manager Roarke Morris. Morris as we soon come to realize is a sly move or two away from nabbing the Dutton's land from under them for a potential airport. Despite an all-out shootout with the Beck family at the end of season two, the Duttons are at their most vulnerable now more than ever, according to the cast. One silver lining of the show's growing intensity was the welcome presence of Holloway on set.

"Maybe some of that freshness has rubbed off. [Holloway] just comes in and doesn't play the character the way you would imagine," Reilly says. "He takes an interesting approach to the role. He was awesome."

Old feuds will also be examined even closer in season 3, according to Reilly. Beth and Jamie (Bentley) battled back-and-forth in season 2, and the roots of their love/hate relationship are only just beginning to be seen.

"They love each other," Bentley says. "There was something lost, very important between them. It's crushing to both of them because they remember what they had as far as their relationship was as children. That's part of the pain. When that was broken, we just want to get that back."

Watch more of the conversation with the Yellowstone cast above. Yellowstone airs Sundays at 9/8C on the Paramount Network.

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