The latest AS6 eliminated queen tells EW about ghosts cursing the set and reveals the surprising inspiration for her infamous talent show act.

Hips — and lipsticks — don't lie: Fan-favorite queen Yara Sofia suffered an early demise on RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 6.

Though she gleefully informed us all that she regularly performs as Shakira, quote, "on Tuesdays and Sundays in Las Vegas," her take on the pop star in an oddball Snatch Game/musical hybrid challenge that tasked the queens with embodying Super Bowl halftime show headliners landed her in the bottom two for the second time in four weeks, and a lip-sync between Jan and returning superstar Jessica Wild tipped the power balance into the hands of the group vote, which halted her from echa palante-ing further.

But, instead of dwelling on darkness, we're going to celebrate the massive talent — and breast plates — she brought to the competition across her third Drag Race outing, which saw her bouncing and bobbing her beloved, homespun "titties" to win the AS6 talent show with one of the most absurdly entertaining bits in the show's herstory while capturing our hearts with her adorably bonkers personality. Read on for Sofia's full exit interview, in which we cover the surprising inspiration behind her talent show act, if her vote for Trinity K. Bonet over Serena ChaCha was a strategy, and that show-stopping moment she essentially told the entire cast to f--- off as she left the main stage.

RuPaul's Drag Race
Yara Sofia gives her 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 6' exit interview.
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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: It was so lovely to see you back in the competition for the third time, and I was so excited that you won the first challenge with that hilarious breast plate on the talent show. I think it might be my all-time favorite talent show in the history of Drag Race. What was the inspiration?

YARA SOFIA: Well, my mother used to clean the house shaking everything she had. Everything was jiggling out. I remember seeing her titties, so, that's my inspiration: My mom's titties.

Your… mom?

She was cleaning and shaking everything without the bra! I only saw her titties, so, that's my inspiration!

How much did that breastplate weigh? Is it heavy?

Like 20 pounds! Maybe 25. Maybe 15. But it feels like 25. I haven't weighed it. I'm just guessing! They're like 15 or 12.

You're going to injure yourself with those.

There's a saying in Spanish that translates to English, like, you've got to do what you have to do even if it hurts!

I want to go back and talk to you about something you said early in the first episode in a confessional, you said that your approach to voting would be to eliminate the strongest player, but as we saw with Morgan McMichaels, that strategy led to her elimination on All Stars 3. Why did you want to play the game like that?

I'm responsible for what I say, but I'm not responsible for what [the fans] understand! I only said that word because I wanted to say it. It wasn't a "strategy," because I voted for Trinity, and she was stronger than Serena, but based on that day, Serena did better. She looked better! Both were bad. But, Serena had better makeup and hair. She looked gorgeous! [I wasn't voting] strategically.

Do you think that put a target on your back since you went against the group consensus? Because they all voted for Serena.

No. I didn't vote strategically. A strategy would be that I voted for Trinity. Well, oh, yeah, that's true. But, it wasn't strategy, just because based on that challenges, Serena seemed better. It wasn't because Trinity was a good competitor; Serena looked better in my eyes! Do you agree or you don't agree?

I personally think Trinity looked better.

Don't lie to me! You know it's not true! Let me say this: Trinity is beautiful….  based on the challenge, both were bad. Based on how they looked, I think Serena looked better in the Werk Room.

Later, Trinity said you didn't work on the costume on the ball that much, and that's why she voted for you. Can you clarify? Did you put a lot of work into your ball looks?

I was the only one having fun! I didn't deserve to be in the bottom the second week, but I don't make the rules! I don't agree, but I respect the decision…. I liked what I saw. The worst was my first look where I had the big titties. That was the reason I was in the bottom. The second look, the reason they [didn't like it was because] it wasn't jeans, it was jean-print fabric. What I said was: "Well, it's just like animal print. I didn't want to kill jeans!" If PETA was a judge there, she'd give [the win] to me! I wanted to be pro-jeans! I didn't want to kill jeans! If you have animal print, you didn't want to kill the animals!

Jeans pride!

Save the jeans! I'm not going to cut it out and look like Medusa or a baked potato with aluminum! Uh uh! So, that's what happened.

This week's challenge was a strange one for you, especially since you said you perform as Shakira on Tuesdays and Sundays in Las Vegas. What do you do as part of your Shakira act that made you confident in this challenge?

Jessica said it best: "Girl, you can do Shakira even drunk as f---!" I'm a huge fan. The only thing that hurt me is belly dancing; it's kind of a woman dance. It's not a male dance. There are some male belly dancers, no judging or anything, but the physique of a male is harder to achieve certain moves. It's a hips thing. I'm a man! That was the only thing holding me back. Shakira? I have her down!

I don't think the performance was bad at all. But, the judges didn't critique your dancing, they said you missed certain lyrics and that your face looked distracted. And, later, you said that your focus wasn't there. What distracted you?

The stage was high! I probably had vertigo at the time. [Laughs] If you can see, the only bottom queens performed on that stage! It had a curse on it! Let's go with that. Does it have a f---ing ghost or something? Throw that stage in the trash!

One thing we can't blame the ghost for: Before you went on the main stage, it looks like you were walking around the Werk Room, naked and singing with headphones in your ears. Was this a regular occurrence?

We all do that! If they showed me, [blame it on] the ghost, too! I hate the ghost!

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 6
Yara Sofia gives her 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 6' elimination interview.
| Credit: Paramount+

The ghost edited that in there?

Honestly, we all do that! I do that every week. It's a Werk Room, we're all changing and stuff…. I'm always naked or having fun! I enjoy life. This is my third time, so, I came to enjoy it!

It's clear that you came to enjoy it. You came off so well, and a lot of people enjoyed you this season. That's maybe why it was disappointing for some people to see you remain silent among the group deliberation — you made your case to Jan, one-on-one, but not to the group. Why?

I knew A'Keria would have backup. The only thing that would save me was Jan. I knew A'Keria would have backup [because there are so many queens] from season 11.

Since it was the group vote that sent you home, did that make you wish you'd fought a little harder for your place in front of them?

The group would've voted for me to go home [either way]. I don't know how many queens voted for me, but I heard it was everybody…. I thought about it, but the only option for me was Jan. If I pleaded my case, they'd still vote for A'Keria [to stay]. Queens say they'll vote fairly, but it always happens. The only one who voted her friend off, Ginger…. She voted Jiggly off, but they're best friends. Not everybody plays the same game…. It doesn't matter how I did or how I pleaded, which I found weird because they were always voting to be fair. And this was A'Keria's second time in a row in the bottom. Between her and I, if you're going to play fair, in this competition, I was in the top twice and I won one of those.

Why did you have that feeling that they wouldn't have saved you?

I don't know! I just had that feeling…. I didn't know who was the lip-sync assassin, I suspected it would be Jessica. Somehow. I'm telling you, I'm a witch! Probably that affected me, [like I was] ahead of time or a clairvoyant. That's what I saw. I believe I conjured the situation. I said, can you imagine if they have Jessica today? I let that affect my pleading or begging to stay. I went ahead, in my head. And it happened how I suspected! I was staying with Jessica before going to the competition…. She's one of my best friends. I was living with her while doing all the stuff for the season.

We have to talk about that "f--- you all" exit line after she revealed your lipstick!

I'm not mad! I had fun with it! [Laughs] This is my third time, I had a blast, I was thankful for everything. It's just a game. It's not reality! It is reality, but, you know what I'm saying. We're making good TV! I like it and I'm blessed! [When] I said, "F--- you all," I also wrote it in the mirror…. [At first] I was pissed, so I said, "F--- you all" to the queens, but in the mirror I made it funnier and said, "F--- you all. LOL." [Laughs] I was joking. Have fun, it's not personal, it's drag! F--- you all because, honestly, f--- you all! It's weird that that comes from me, because I'm congenial with everybody!

Right! No one would expect that from sweet little Yara.

I hope you go to and get all my merch. If it becomes famous, probably we're going to have "F--- you all" merch available. I can't wait to see it. Sickening!

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