The Falcon and the Winter Soldier's new Captain America hasn't lost faith that the cult dramedy will return.
Lodge 49
Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

On The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Wyatt Russell plays the gun-toting new Captain America. It's a major role on a streaming sensation, already fodder for endless memes and thinkpiece floods (and the season just started.) But Russell hasn't forgotten Lodge 49, the low-rated but much-beloved AMC dramedy which ended in 2019 after two wonderful seasons. Desperate Lodge 49 viewers continue to hope for a revival. Russell, who played Lodge's dreamy surfer Dud, offered a glimmer of hope this week on EW Live (on SiriusXM, channel 109).

"I'm the fan going, 'When's season 3 happening? Lodge 49 holds such a special place in my heart,'" Russell tells host Dalton Ross. "The people that it connects with, it really connects with, on a level that Jim Gavin, the writer, and [executive producer] Peter Ocko really wanted it to."

After AMC canceled the series the producers attempted to relaunch it elsewhere. Although that plan did not come to pass, Russell has not given up the possibility of more Lodge 49. "No matter how far you get from it, where you go, what dimension you're in, that show will always have the opportunity to have another iteration of it in some way," he explains. "I was talking to Jim the other day. I was like: 'Ten years down the line, five years, next year, I'm always here for Lodge. Make a movie, make a TV show, another episode: I'm here, I'm in, I'm down. For all the Lodge fans out there, make it happen."

Russell notes the burgeoning cult around Lodge 49 ties nicely into the series' depiction of a secret communal order. "It's its own little secret handshake," he explains. "Falcon and Winter Soldier is really special. It's an amazing opportunity, and it's seen by everybody. And then there are things like Lodge. They touch your heart in a way that's very difficult to describe. It's not for everybody. It's not going to be an edge-of-your-seat show. It's an existential experience. People are continuing to find it." You can find Lodge 49 on Hulu right now.

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