Our hearts go out to Kimmel's production assistant.

By Nick Romano
April 08, 2021 at 09:01 AM EDT

If you're going to suffer through a harsh performance review at work, The Miz is not the one you want delivering that feedback.

Jimmy Kimmel and the WWE superstar and Miz & Mrs. reality star Michael Mizanin, who goes by his stage name The Miz, pranked the late-night host's staff under the premise that they would each be getting new corporate performance reviews.

"Which is something that's never happened here before, so I don't know why they believed it," Kimmel told his audience on Wednesday.

The Miz went "deep undercover as an agent of ABC HR" to meet with Kimmel's talent relations director (who also happens to be Kimmel's cousin), stage manager, production assistant, TV watcher, and, of course, Guillermo.

Even though all devolved into The Miz picking up an emcee mic and shouting WWE ring-style at each of them, Guillermo's review went even more wild. The pair ripped their shirts off and tore apart the room in a wrestling rage.

This is just a preview of the Wrestlemania 37 event, which is coming this week and was the impetus for Kimmel's prank.

Watch the bit above.

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