On the bright side, readers will still be able to follow Yara Flor's adventures in Joëlle Jones' Wonder Girl comic launching in May.

Wonder Girl won't take flight on the CW.

EW has confirmed that the network is not moving forward with Greg Berlanti and Dailyn Rodriguez's Wonder Girl, a show centered on DC Comics' Latinx superhero of the same name. Rodriguez, who wrote the pilot script, announced the news Friday afternoon on Twitter.

"Some sad news. For all those asking, Wonder Girl is not getting picked up at the CW," the Queen of the South producer said. "I was very proud of the script I wrote. Wish I could've shared the world I created, but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. Thanks for everyone's enthusiasm."

Development on Wonder Girl began in November. Based on the superhero created by Joëlle Jones, the potential series centered on Yara Flor, a Latina Dreamer who is the daughter of an Amazonian warrior and a Brazilian river god. After discovering she's Wonder Girl, she uses her newfound powers to defend the world from the forces evil.

Wonder Girl
Credit: Joëlle Jones for DC

Yara is a recent addition to the DC universe. An adult version of Yara made her debut as the Wonder Woman of the future in January as part of the publisher's line-wide event Future State. Even though Future State ends in February and the television show isn't moving forward, the character's future remains bright because she's getting her own ongoing comic book series in May. Written and drawn by Jones, the Wonder Girl comic follows Yara at the very beginning of her superhero career.

On Tuesday, the CW ordered a reboot of USA Network's The 4400 straight to series and commissioned pilots for three others shows: Diablo Cody's live-action Powerpuff Girls series, Ava DuVernay's Naomi (another show about a relatively new DC Comics hero), and an untitled nun dramedy produced by Jane the Virgin's Jennie Snyder Urban.

Jones' Wonder Girl comic launches May 18.

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