EW exclusively reveals judgey Judy Willam's debut as a gavel-wielding queen in a preview for the drag superstar's new LGBTQIA+ legal series.

Judge Judy is shaking! That's because Willam is holding court — and our full attention — in EW's exclusive sneak peek at the drag superstar's new TV show, Iconic Justice.

Though the RuPaul's Drag Race alum and A Star Is Born actor certainly looks the part of a Supreme Court staple in the trailer (above), Willam's case-based shenanigans — including the milking of human cow udders, leather and bondage in front of the jury, tassel-covered butts, and plenty of tears — are anything but ordinary.

Iconic Justice
The cast of Willam's new court show, 'Iconic Justice'
| Credit: OutTV and DaddyTV

With the help from his sexy bailiff Matthew Camp and court reporters Nicky Monet and Andrea Coleman, Willam watches from the bench as real cases from LGBTQIA+ litigants unfold, with the performer presiding over emotionally charged conflicts including "kink-shaming, racist micro-aggressions, professional jealousy in the gay nightlife scenes, and so much more," according to executive producer Topher Cusumano, who also promises the show "is what would happen if Judge Judy and John Waters had an aggressively gay baby."

Adds Willam, "Going on TV just to judge people? I've been training my whole life for this gig. Seriously though, no one teaches you how to be queer, so for all the stupidity and fun on the show, there's actually real advice too and that's something I'm proud of."

Iconic Justice
Willam is a judgey Judy holding court in the new TV show 'Iconic Justice.'
| Credit: OutTV and DaddyTV

Iconic Justice — produced by the Daddy TV team behind the reality competition sensation Slag Wars — premieres Monday on OutTV's Apple TV+ channel. Watch EW's exclusive reveal of the new show's trailer starring Willam above.

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