The eight-episode second season of the twisty thriller hits Netflix May 19.
Who Killed Sara?

Fans are in for a lot of surprises when Who Killed Sara? returns for season 2.

This time around, Alex's (Manolo Cardona) quest for revenge on the Lazcano family for framing him for the murder of his sister, Sara, will see him face his worst nightmare — the reality that his sister is not who she appeared to be, and maybe he never really knew her at all. Confronted with more lies, secrets, plots, and — oh yeah — that mystery corpse in his own backyard, his quest for the truth is only getting harder.

Ahead of the eight-episode second season's release on Netflix on May 19, Cardona answered EW's burning questions about the future of the show, the killer's true identity, and more.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What can you tell us about season 2?

MANOLO CARDONA: What I can tell you is that it's going to be reloaded. I think all the fans around the world liked the first one, but I think this is going to have more suspense, more mystery, more action, more romance — a lot of things are going to blow some minds. I think it's bigger. It's going to be great. It's going to be better than the first one.

Were you surprised with where Alex's journey takes him this time around?

I was very surprised when I was reading the second season, and I think the audience is going to be very surprised about Alex's journey and what he's going to find out, not only about who killed Sara, but about the truth of so many people. It's mad and crazy and it's gonna be amazing. I think it's good when you see a show, and it's about a mystery, and you want to find out what happened — there's going to be so many secrets unopened. I don't want to spoil anything, but hopefully, you are going to see a big arc with Alex this season.

Are there plans for more seasons?

Well, we don't know yet. For now, we just know that we have the second season coming up on May 19. We don't know. Hopefully, yes, but I don't know.

The first season ended on a cliffhanger and a lot of unanswered questions. Can fans expect the same for season 2, or will we get a lot of answers to the big questions?

Yeah, I think what people are going to see is a lot of answers in this second season. I think it's going to be very nice for viewers.

Who Killed Sara?
Manolo Cardona as Alex Guzman in 'Who Killed Sara?' season 2
| Credit: NETFLIX

What can you tell us about some of the new characters this season?

We're going to find out a lot of the truth about a lot of characters from the past, specifically. There's a lot of great actors coming to the show, like Daniel Giménez Cacho and Matías Novoa. And there's a couple of other wonderful actors who have come into the show as well. They help bridge the path of the journey from the past to the present, and they're going to bring a lot of answers to the big questions.

Season 1 was quite literally a global phenomenon. What did that success mean to you?

It's amazing. I'm very happy, very humble, and very thankful for what is going on with the show. Of course, when you do a show, you want people to see it, but you would never expect it to be as big of a phenomenon as this. I mean, we were number one in the world on Netflix. And it's a show from Latin America. Hopefully — I mean, we weren't the first ones — but hopefully, we get more shows coming from the Latin world that can go global. I think it was a matter of time for people to start seeing our shows and I think this is just getting started.

Do you know who killed Sara?

I know who killed Sara, yes. I just have to say that you guys are gonna be in for a lot of surprises. This is just getting better and better.

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