Who's ready for another super-cringey resort vacation? HBO, that's who! The premium cable network has announced that The White Lotus — which follows the exploits of rich vacationers at an exclusive Hawaiian resort — has officially been renewed for second season.

However, the network also noted that a big change will be coming in season 2, as the follow-up installment will have a completely new setting. "The next chapter of The White Lotus leaves Hawaii behind and follows a different group of vacationers as they jet to another White Lotus property and settle in temporarily amongst its inhabitants," HBO said in a press release announcing the renewal.

Before the renewal happened, EW spoke to series creator, writer, and director Mike White about possibly returning to the world of The White Lotus, and White explained why he was game for a second season and why it would be a completely new story in a completely new setting.

The White Lotus
Jolene Purdy and Murray Bartlett on 'The White Lotus'
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"In TV, it's hard to start from scratch and go through the whole thing again," White says about getting a new show off the ground. "So you feel like a bird in the hand is worth pursuing. So I would do another season because I feel like there's a way to get at some new themes and do it in a way that feels fresh from this one. And so I' definitely let that be known to HBO."

As to how — and why — season 2 would be a departure from season 1, some of it has to do with logistics and the simple inability to lock down the original location for another go-round. "We would go somewhere different because there's no way we could be able to afford the Four Seasons in Maui, not in a pandemic," White says. "So yeah, it would have to be The White Lotus: Kyoto or something. Which would be fun too, because we could get into culture clash ideas and stuff like that. So I would definitely do it and I'm waiting to get the word from them."

Now that he has received word, let's hope the Pineapple Suite equivalent at the new location is not double-booked this time around OR THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY!

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