Plus, some kooky fun in Cruella, the latest live-action reimagining of a Disney classic.

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May 28, 2021 at 06:00 AM EDT
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The one and only Mademoiselle de Vil takes center stage in the latest live-action reimagining of a Disney classic, an origin story about the puppy thief and hair icon directed by Craig Gillespie, who wisely dialed down the dog content but turned up the glamour to 101. Emma Stone stars as Estella, a young woman who comes into her own in 1970s London amid the burgeoning punk scene. An aspiring fashion designer, she gets a job at the atelier of the famed Baroness von Hellman (Emma Thompson), but her mentor soon becomes her nemesis — and Estella becomes Cruella — as the brilliant, ambitious fashionistas compete for sartorial supremacy. —Mary Sollosi

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Plan B

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The teen quest movie gets a modern update with the second feature directed by Dead to Me actress Natalie Morales (her first, Language Lessons, having snuck in ahead of it as a semi-spontaneous quarantine project with Mark Duplass). Young stars Kuhoo Verma and Victoria Moroles make a winning pair as Sunny and Lupe, respectively, two best friends in conservative South Dakota who go on an epic journey to obtain the Plan B pill the day after Sunny has an unfortunate sexual encounter. It's a teen movie in the tradition of your favorites — but also unlike any you've seen before. —Mary Sollosi

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Season 5b Premiere
Daddy's home. In Lucifer's midseason finale, the eternally God (Dennis Haysbert) descended from Heaven to break up the familial squabble between Lucifer (Tom Ellis), Amenadiel (DB Woodside), and their manipulative brother Michael (also Ellis). Season 5B picks up right from God's arrival and dives into its effects on Lucifer, who hasn't seen his aloof father since being cast out Heaven all those years ago. "I think we've been anticipating this little meet cute since the pilot," says co-showrunner Ildy Modrovich. "It throws Lucifer into a bit of a spin, but as always Lucifer is his own biggest enemy. He ends up going through things that are just kind of deep-seated emotions that he has for his father." The last eight episodes of season 5 will feature a tense celestial family dinner, a highly-anticipated musical episode, and a bold finale that sets up an interesting sixth and final season. —Chancellor Agard

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The Kominsky Method

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Final Season Premiere
Reeling from the loss of his best friend and agent, Norman Newlander (Alan Arkin), Sandy Kominsky (Michael Douglas) for the first time has to navigate what aging looks like without his longtime friend by his side. The final season of the dramedy brings back Kathleen Turner as Sandy's ex-wife and Mindy's mother, Roz, and the ensuing banter between the exes is as devilishly delicious as we've come to expect from the two acting legends. Though it's just six episodes, the final season wraps up everyone's journey while dealing with money, death, love, murder, and dreams coming true. In other words, the usual. — Lauren Huff

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In a bit of timeliness that HBO probably could not have predicted, this movie is based on the Tony Award-winning play of the same name, about the husband and wife who helped negotiate the 1993 Oslo Peace Accords, the first of its kind agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Norwegian foreign minister Mona Juul (Ruth Wilson) and Terje Rød-Larsen (Andrew Scott) star, as the couple who lead the difficult and secret talks between enemies, emerging as heroes in the process. —Gerrad Hall

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Series Finale
It's time to find out who killed Erin. Mare's (Kate Winslet) world is turned upside down on the Mare of Easttown season finale as she finally pieces together the final components of the season-long mystery that's sure to leave fans talking. —Samantha Highfill

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