Also, The Circle completes its second season and Netflix delves into the Son of Sam case with its latest true-crime docuseries.

By EW Staff
May 05, 2021 at 06:00 AM EDT

The Masked Singer

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Things are about to get heated on The Masked Singer! Tonight, Yeti, Russian Dolls, Black Swan, Chameleon, Robopine, and the Piglet will fight for a spot in the Quarter Finals during the Spicy 6 episode. The show has indeed teased spicy moves, with Yeti doing an impressive split in a teaser. But it's not just the performers who are getting a bit bold and fiery — Robin Thicke has no problem lightly roasting his own show. In a preview that EW debutedChrissy Metz shoots down Ken Jeong's guess that Black Swan is Mandy Moore. Though there's a New Hampshire clue, the guest panelist says her This Is Us costar actually grew up in Florida. "But that still works on this show. If she's driven through new Hampshire, they'll use it," Thicke quips. We can't say he's wrong there. —Rachel Yang

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The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness

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Docuseries Debut
David Berkowitz was convicted of a string of murders in New York City that took place in the summer of 1976, but a new Netflix documentary dives into the allegations he didn't act alone. The Sons of Sam makes a case against multiple other potential suspects who are all allegedly connected via a satanic cult known as The Children, with help from investigative journalist Maury Terry. Terry, who died in 2015, wrote the book The Ultimate Evil where he presented evidence supporting his claims Berkowitz didn't act alone. The documentary features an interview between Terry and Berkowitz, who confirms many of the former's theories, though the authenticity of his claims has been questioned, including by law enforcement. It also investigates Berkowitz's shocking tale that a neighbor's dog demanded he commit the murders. Rough. —Rosy Cordero

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The Circle

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Season Finale
The Circle has set the bar high for future installments, with season 2 packing so much drama and twists and turns. And the finale looks to keep the suspense going, as the top five will make their final rankings and find out who won $100,000. Plus, "Trevor," "River," "John," Courtney, and Chloe will finally meet one another face to face, and with only two influencers playing as their real selves, it's about to be the Pointing Spider-Man meme come to life. And make sure to check out EW's interview with the winner of The Circle later today for all the behind-the-scenes tea. —RY

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