Plus, Iliza Shlesinger dramatizes a mostly true and very strange story in Good on Paper, and Netflix's Too Hot to Handle returns for another season of horny hottie hostages.

Good on Paper

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We've all dated people who've turned out to be completely different than what we initially thought, but that whole "I thought I knew him" narrative took a sharp turn for comedian/actress Iliza Shlesinger when she dated a man who turned out to have lied about pretty much everything in his life - his job, where he lived, the fact that his mother had cancer (she didn't IRL). Luckily, as a comedian, Shlesinger was able to channel the harrowing experience into the Netflix feature film, Good on Paper. "This movie is a mostly true story based on a lie," Shlesinger tells EW. "The third act is not real, or I'd face criminal charges." The comedian stars as Andrea, who meets a man named Dennis on an airplane (Ryan Hansen) and eventually starts dating him, only to discover later that he's a sociopath who's made up an entirely fictional life for himself. With the help of her best friend Margot (played by Margaret Cho), Andrea unearths the truth, but Dennis isn't about to back down that easily and the conniving creep has one more surprise in store for his girlfriend. -Ruth Kinane

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Too Hot to Handle

HOW/WHEN & WHERE TO WATCH: Streaming on Netflix

Season Premiere
Netflix's ridiculous and raunchy reality series is back for a second season. A quick reminder for those who have repressed the memories of season 1: This is the show where "hot" people are put on an island and told not to have any kind of sexual interactions with one another. Who enforces those rules? we hear you ask. An Alexa-like, virtual assistant device named Lana, of course! Like we mentioned, ridiculous. This year's international crop of contestants include a bunch of models (natch), a Texan former stripper, a personal trainer, and one lawyer. But if you were worried the legal mind of the group might bring down the group and try to abide by Lana's laws, don't fret. According to her bio, Larissa "loves the guys to be obsessed with her, even though she isn't a one-man kind of girl." After a year of quarantine, we're pretty sure these horny hotties won't be getting close to the $100,000 price money - and honestly, who can blame them? -RK

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The Blacklist


Season Finale
This season of The Blacklist has been like no other. After Katarina's death, Elizabeth Keen nabbed the top spot on Red's blacklist as she waged war on his empire. Going into the season finale, many of the questions viewers, and Liz, have had since the show began have been answered, including what happened the night of the fire and that the woman Liz thought was Katarina isn't actually her mother, which means the legendary superspy may still be out there somewhere. One big question remains to be answered: Who is Reddington? As Megan Boone's future on the show is uncertain, what's clear is The Blacklist will never be the same as it heads into season 9. -Alamin Yohannes

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