Plus, Queen Sugar wraps up season 5 and Hulu's docuseries Sasquatch investigates a bizarre urban legend.

By EW Staff
April 20, 2021 at 06:00 AM EDT

Queen Sugar


Season Finale
In a season that included COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, and a wedding, the Bordelon family can't seem to escape drama. And now they're all facing some big turning points: Are Charley and Davis on the brink of getting back together? After taking Blue to Washington D.C., where he'll now go to an elite private school, Darla has some big news for Ralph Angel. And after finding out last week that Calvin beat and paralyzed a college sports star years ago, Nova confronts Calvin about her discovery. If all of that isn't enough, you won't want to miss the final minutes of this episode. —Gerrad Hall

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Cruel Summer

HOW/WHEN & WHERE TO WATCH: 9 p.m. on Freeform

Series Debut
Ever since Lost reinvented the wheel when it comes to flashback storylines and alternate timelines, other shows continuously attempt to one-up that and become "the next Lost." And when you hear the premise of Cruel Summer, you might think that's the case with Freeform's new mystery series, as the story of a missing girl in a small town is told over three consecutive summers — 1993, 1994, 1995 — on the same day each year. But the separate timelines storytelling device isn't used to overly complicate the story; it's actually written brilliantly to show how each character has evolved and adapted to the dark, complex, butterfly effect circumstances that's rocking the town as everyone comes to terms with the truth of what happened. This addictive new thriller will hook you from the very first episode, but be wary of buying into any theory too soon: everyone's got secrets and nothing is what it seems. Hot girl summer is so 2020 — Cruel Summer will be your new pop culture obsession. —Sydney Bucksbaum

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HOW/WHEN & WHERE TO WATCH: Streaming on Hulu

Docuseries Debut
Did a Bigfoot maul and kill three men on a cannabis farm in Northern California? Was it something out of a sci-fi movie? Or perhaps the result of a violent criminal underworld trying to hinder another drug farm's business? In the three-part docuseries, journalist David Holthouse investigates a story he first came across 25 years ago, searching for the truth about what happened to those three men...and other people who've gone missing in the area. It's perfect 4/20 viewing. —GH

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