Also, Marie Kondo is back to tidy up some more in the new Netflix series Sparking Joy.

Only Murders in the Building

HOW/WHEN & WHERE TO WATCH: Streaming on Hulu

Series Debut
As summer ends, a Manhattan murder mystery begins. Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez star in this compelling Hulu who-dun-it as three co-op tenants who join forces to investigate a suspicious death in their building. And what kind of search for justice would this be if they didn't record a podcast about their adventures along the way? Ask co-creator John Hoffman to sum up the twisty ride that is Only in the Murders and he's on the case: "The story encapsulates what I would refer to as 'Everything New York,' " he offers. "And that would mean if you took a 10-block walk in New York, you would find yourselves laughing at something you saw. You'd find yourself awed by the beauty of some old classic building next to some modern thing that's incredible going up right next to it. You would find yourself intrigued by some interaction you encountered. You would feel probably a little scared, a little bit like, 'Oh God, what's happening? I don't know what that person is doing over there.' And then all of a sudden you'll find yourself in the middle of Times Square and some Broadway brassy number that's happening, promoting some show coming up. That whole world, through the characters we have and through the story we're telling — all wrapped in a true-crime mystery that hopefully really does pay off — is all very New York to me. It's a love letter to New York and a love letter to the stars who are in it." —Dan Snierson

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Sparking Joy With Marie Kondo

HOW/WHEN & WHERE TO WATCH: Streaming on Netflix

Series Debut
After helping people around the world tidy up their lives, by keeping the things that spark joy in her lives, Marie Kondo is back with a new Netflix series all about that — even taking viewers into her own how to see how she applies her method to her own life. But she takes it a step further in Sparking Joy, helping three businesses owners and their employees by showing them how finding that joy can impact their relationships and communities. —Gerrad Hall

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DC's Stargirl — The CW

Lego Masters — Fox

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Chopped — Food Network

Fantasy Island — Fox

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The Ultimate Surfer — ABC

Hard Knocks: The Dallas Cowboys — HBO

Capital One College Bowl — NBC

11 p.m.

Jason Biggs' Cash at Your Door (series debut) — E!


Untold: Crime and Penalties — Netflix


Mortal Kombat Legends: Battle of the Realms — Digital

Steel Song (doc) — Digital/VOD

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