The sci-fi saga's (maybe) series finale sees Earth, Mars, and the Belt uniting for a showdown with Marco Inaros.

After six seasons and two different outlets (Syfy, then Amazon Prime Video), The Expanse is down to its final episode today. Or is it? While producers are holding out hope that the epic space saga pitting Earth against Mars and the Belt will find a home to continue in some form beyond its current run (especially with three books left to adapt), this last episode will serve as the series finale… for now.

"War is the wrong place for good men" one character opined in the penultimate episode, but it is the women who will play key roles in the battle against Free Navy jerkface Marco Inaros. Now that Avasarala and Drummer have formed an unlikely coalition to take on the perfectly coiffed bad boy, they will need help from allies like Naomi and Bobbie to seal the deal. Earth, Mars, and the Belt actually working together in an intergalactic version of "Kumbaya"? Better late than never, we suppose. But while war wages on this side of the ring gate, something very odd is happening on Laconia. Something that could pose an even bigger threat down the road… if we ever even get a chance to see it.

Frankie Adams (Roberta 'Bobbie' W. Draper), Shohreh Aghdashloo (Chrisjen Avasarala), and Ted Dykstra (Gareth)on 'The Expanse.'
| Credit: Shane Mahood/Amazon Studios

Check out the series finale of The Expanse now on Amazon Prime Video.

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