And the Bachelor may have to do something unprecedented ahead of the rose ceremony.

This week on Interchangeable Blonde Women Talk Smack About Each Other, everyone moves back into the mansion, the dates begin, and Clayton gets some disturbing news about one of those aforementioned blonde women. Hilary Duff (star of How I Met Your Father on Hulu, which is owned by Disney, which owns ABC) shows up to help the Bachelor and his potential wives throw an epic birthday party for a bunch of hyped-up kids — but this week's villain (spoiler: she's blonde) isn't interested in pulling her weight. The second group date brings comedian/host Ziwe — who is not connected to the Disney conglomerate, as far as we can tell — for a rigorous exploration of "relationship red flags." (Here's one: Going on a reality TV show to find a mate!) Ultimately, the episode devolves into drama over one blonde being mean to another blonde, and then a third blonde gets exposed for having, as the ABC promos put it, a "secret side piece." And we're only on week two, folks!

Clayton Echard on 'The Bachelor'
| Credit: ABC/John Fleenor

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